Business Statistics By J K Sharma ((EXCLUSIVE)) Free Pdfrar

Business Statistics By J K Sharma ((EXCLUSIVE)) Free Pdfrar

Business Statistics By J K Sharma ((EXCLUSIVE)) Free Pdfrar



Business Statistics By J K Sharma Free Pdfrar

get ready to be overwhelmed by an immense amount of data. data visualization is a critical part of business analytics. it’s the process of taking the raw, unstructured data that you collected and examining it to find patterns and make observations. this can be done visually, on paper or with an analyst in an off-line environment.

it is only when you reach the stage of an impending crisis, that you realize that you need to have a plan. without a plan, a business rarely survives and grows. every business needs to develop a business plan. often, businesses will create an initial business plan (or a company development plan or startup plan) at the start of their business and update or refine them periodically as circumstances change.

one way to start the initial development of a business is to think about the problems you would like to solve. what is the problem you are trying to solve for your business? then, find the cause of that problem. what is the reason for that problem? then, what are the different solutions for that problem? the solutions will ultimately all lead back to one central idea. what is the best solution? for almost every business problem you will need to think about innovative ways to overcome that particular business problem.

data-driven business architecture provides the blueprint for business change. it shows an enterprise how to build, organize, and leverage the business architecture to achieve the desired business outcomes. data-driven business architecture also helps an enterprise identify where the data resides, what data is missing, and how data can be reused to create new and innovative business outcomes.



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