Branding- License For Panotour Pro ##BEST##

Branding- License For Panotour Pro ##BEST##

Branding- License For Panotour Pro ##BEST##

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Branding- License For Panotour Pro

you can define the size of each view (250×250 pixels, 500×500 pixels, 1000×1000 pixels, 2000×2000 pixels, 3000×3000 pixels, 4000×4000 pixels, 5000×5000 pixels, 6000×6000 pixels, 7000×7000 pixels, 8000×8000 pixels, 9000×9000 pixels, 10000×10000 pixels, etc) and the quality (luminance, grayscale, color, etc). you can also define the transition between the views in milliseconds, the order in which the views appear, and the format of the exported file. panotour pro 2 automatically merges the video to your photographic content. panotour pro 2’s navigation is limited to scrolling the head, and you can also access the other view by clicking on a hotspot. panotour pro 2 includes an additional plugin called livepano: a guide in a museum, a restaurateur showing his establishment, a waterfall or even a simple fire in a fireplace.

panotour pro 2.5.7 is the newest version and we are adding new features and improvements.
panotour pro 2.7 is an update compatible with the previous version panotour pro 2.6. you only have to uninstall the previous version and install the new one to be updated. this is the maximum version of panotour pro 2 compatible with the previous version.

panotour pro 2.5.7 can be used with all previous versions. install it on your computer and choose panotour pro from the krakowiak menu.
to upgrade your version, install the update panotour pro 2.7 from the krakowiak menu.
this version of panotour pro 2 is compatible with all previous versions. use the appropriate version from the krakowiak menu.

it is possible to integrate the panotour pro 2.5.7 liveplayer into our free website of panoramas (free acces to historical city photos).
to integrate the live player in your website, you need to take the code of the player and paste it in your website’s home page. it is also possible to take the player directly from the website by clicking on the download button.
the websites are open-source (free).
you will find more information on the panotour website.



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