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Cutting Optimization Pro

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Cutting Optimization Pro

One of the features that makes Cutting Optimization Pro stand out is the CNC navigation tool. This tool allows users to navigate through the cutting paths created and verify the cut path’s before moving on to the next one. The software makes it possible for the production manager to check the cuts that were done in the past and for future productivity gains.

In the early days of CNC machines, the stock piling of scrap was necessary in order to make it financially viable to use the machines. Even after the inception of the constant cut method, it was still important to have the plastic stock piled at the end of the line for future runs. Another reason was that the carbon and cuttings materials can’t be recycled or reuse.

Cutting Optimization Pro helps the production manager by being able to ensure that there are no errors in the cut while performing the actual cutting. The software has a positioning tool that can help detect the mispositioning. Additionally, it has an auto-detect tool that is able to identify the material and its thickness automatically.

The software has the ability to determine the stock pile up automatically without any user intervention. This feature makes it possible to perform bulk order cutting and minimize the cost. It is ideal for materials that don’t need specific thicknesses, such as glass.

Best-in-class: With award-winning software and state-of-the-art cutting chamber technology, FreeCut was designed to maximize the performance and versatility of 3D and 4D lasers. Easy to install and operate, FreeCut has been recognized as one of the top solutions for making optimized, automated cuts to parts created by additive manufacturing technologies and computer-aided design (CAD).

this algorithm calls for the use of a cutting simulator to construct a cut list that is not suboptimal. since the cutting simulator constructs cuts with optimal solutions, it is possible to see if a sample cut list constructed by the simulator is optimal for any of these optimal solutions. if a cutting simulator has not been used in previous work, it is best to use one to optimize cuts of material that the machine will be cutting most often, and then use an optimal list for any design cuts with less material.
cutting optimization is a cutting pattern generation algorithm. the algorithm is for a continuous objective but can be easily adapted to cutting problems with discrete constraints, such as time limits, market demands, etc.
the algorithm starts with a cutting pattern as a starting point and then eliminates or adds cuts from the cutting pattern to minimize the overall cost of the pieces produced. from a starting cost of zero, the overall cost of the pieces decreases until there is no solution remaining. for a full description of the algorithm, see algorithm 2.1 from chapter 2 of this textbook.
this algorithm is used to find the best pattern of cuts to make a given part from any piece of material. the resulting cutting pattern will have the smallest number of cuts if the problem is set up correctly. when a cutting simulator is used to generate a cutting pattern, cuts are generated for various material composition. the cutting pattern is then compared to the cutting pattern generated using optimal material composition. a cost savings can be observed at each possible solution.


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