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Across the globe, by the thousands of PCs are left on overnight to run unattended.

But what happens to these dumb machines if they crash? Leaving them on overnight could bring more serious problems than just being powered-up at some point in the morning…

Like the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – the global phone system.

PSTN is one of the major networks of the telecommunications industry.

“A mid-sized switchboard can be equipped with up to 5000 system cards that are each connected to other cards through an integrated network of copper wires, lasers and radio signals, to form a complex web of telecommunications paths or circuits that carry the telephone signals on and off the switchboard,” according to Wikipedia.

PSTN supplies telephone services in most parts of the world to over a billion people.

It’s a reliable and high-capacity network, which needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Maintaining the network is the responsibility of the country’s telephone operators: the local Bell Operator, the World’s Biggest Telephone Company, AT&T, France Telecom or the regional landline company.

“Each network is managed by an Operator, which is responsible for all of the network’s activity,” according to Wikipedia.

“The primary functions of a switchboard operator are:

“Switching calls;

“Checking the connections;

“Monitoring and testing the network;

“When a computer is connected to the network and starts to send out a large amount of data, the operator will have to stop it immediately to prevent damage to the other components of the network.

“When the operator’s management computer detects that this is happening, it will put the computer in’sleep’ mode or shut the computer down.

“Each operator has a network of computers that they control. Their job is to monitor the network at all times, responding to any errors that occur.

“Specialists from the telephone network companies regularly visit the operators, to monitor and maintain the network.

“Of course, any computer can be connected to the telephone network and the internet. If the computer is not used for only exchanging data, any PC connected to a telephone line can be used to dial in to the telephone network; if the–tjw

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49 So.3d 242 (2010)
W.R.B., a Child, Appellant,
STATE of Florida, Appellee.
No. 1D09-5562.
District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District.
September 28, 2010.
Rehearing Denied November 1, 2010.
*243 William J. Andy, Public Defender, and Amy L. Moore, Assistant Public Defender, Tallahassee, for Appellant.
Bill McCollum, Attorney General, Tallahassee, for Appellee.
Affirmed. See Brown v. State, 220 So.2d 410 (Fla.1969).
[Ischemic stroke. Analysis of 153 patients and review of the current status in Spain].
Although the ischemic stroke treatment should be multidisciplinary, it is general knowledge that clinical trials and thrombolysis are carried out in the participating centers. Thus, stroke diagnosis and treatment are done in a framework of a multicentric, registry system that is rather representative of clinical practice than of the National Registry. To analyze the principal characteristics of the group of patients treated for ischemic stroke in a registry from the Hospital Universitario Clinico San Carlos during 1991. Retrospective and observational study. We retrospectively reviewed the clinical records of patients with ischemic stroke admitted to our center during 1991. Clinical variables were analyzed and corrected by weighting and standardized scores for statistical analysis. A total of 301 cases of ischemic stroke were treated, including 153 that were classified as subarachnoid hemorrhages; 50.9% were male, with a mean age of 70.6 years. More than half (53.8%) of the patients were admitted to the Stroke Unit; for those admitted, the average time from onset to admission was 8.5 hours and the average time from admission to treatment was 6.7 hours. A blood examination was ordered for 93% of the cases; 67.8% of these blood samples were performed within 4 hours of admission. No improvement of outcomes was observed in the ischemic stroke patients during the follow-up period. The patients treated in the Ischemic Stroke Unit improved significantly in the first week (p

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