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When you’re starting out using Adobe Photoshop, don’t fall into the trap of trying to Photoshop your way out of not knowing what you’re doing. Understand, from the outset, that Photoshop is for artists, not designers.

Photoshop, like GIMP and PaintShop Pro, is a non-destructive editing program that lets you adjust every part of an image without accidentally damaging the original.

It also has features that many image-editing programs don’t have such as vector-based tools, color correction, and layers.

In this chapter, we begin the fun part of learning Photoshop — learning to use the basic tools and how to modify and retouch images. You start by examining the tools that are used to draw, paint, and modify images.

You then use these tools to bring out the details and manipulate the images to create nice-looking results.

## Choosing the Right Tool

Most of the tools in Photoshop (see Figure 9-1) are found on the Tools panel in the lower-left corner of the application.

FIGURE 9-1: Tools are what you need to create and modify photos and other images.

You use a wide variety of tools to draw, paint, or work with photos, graphics, and images. Some of these tools are specific to Photoshop, whereas others you find in other popular image-editing programs.

You can use some tools directly in the Layers panel. Other tools don’t appear there — they’re available only from the Tools panel.

When choosing a tool, keep the following points in mind:

* Use the tools that are best suited to the task you need to accomplish. For example, if you want to remove a particular spot or section of an image, use the Eraser tool.
* Keep in mind that most tools have secondary modes that enable you to accomplish specific tasks. For example, the Healing Brush can be used to remove blemishes or small scars, as well as to retouch small areas.
* In addition to the tool’s normal mode, the Brush and Pencil tools enable you to alter colors and objects within an image.
* In most cases, Photoshop tools make it easy to create bitmap files. However, you can combine the Brush and Pencil tools with the type tools in the Character and Type panel to create a true graphic.

## Drawing with the Pencil Tool

The most important tool in

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List of features

Adobe Photoshop Elements includes basic editing and adjustment tools such as:

The following image-editing tools are included in Photoshop Elements:

Scratch and Smudge tool: The tool lets you create a scratch or smudge in the image to add scratches, highlights, color, or contrast to an image. It comes in two modes, quick drawing or precise drawing. Quick drawing is very fast; and makes one or two continuous strokes, whereas precise drawing makes one continuous stroke for each input position.

Hue/Saturation tool: This tool lets you edit the color of a color. It includes the color wheel and eyedropper tools.

Layers (Quick Fix): This tool lets you organize, modify, duplicate, or merge layers. You can also fix exposure or color problems in a single image. Photoshop Elements includes the Quick Mask feature that lets you mask unwanted areas in images.

Mask: This tool lets you trace the outline of an object in an image, apply a pattern, or blend colors.

Paintbrush and Pencil tools: These tools let you draw lines or shapes in the image.

Watercolor, Pencil, and Text tools: This tool lets you edit text in images. The pencil tool lets you add strokes and draw lines for outlines, whereas the watercolor tool lets you color in the image.

Other tools

Other tools include:

Rotate: This tool lets you rotate an image. You can also flip a portrait or landscape image horizontally or vertically.

Zoom: This tool lets you move around the image and zoom it in or out.

Blur: This tool lets you apply a blur to the image.

Brightness and contrast: This tool lets you adjust the contrast and brightness of the image.

Geometric tools: These tools include:

Transform: The tool lets you adjust and rotate an image.

Move: This tool lets you move an object in the image.

Warp: The tool warps the image to make it appear stretched or unnaturally squashed.

Analogous and Desaturated tools: This tool lets you adjust the color of an image.

Gradient tool: The Gradient tool lets you create a continuous gradient in an image.

Define colour tool: The Define colour tool lets you extract colors from an image.

Emboss and Sketch tools: These tools let you apply patterns

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System Requirements:

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Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000
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